Beatles “Sleeping”

One of my favorite old Beatles songs just got a new video and I love it.

Any thoughts on how they did this?

There is s a couple of ways it could have been done:

1) It is what it seems to be. Hundreds, if not thousands of individual oil paintings?

2) Someone using Adobe Photoshop and or Corel Painter “painted” over frames of stock footage of the Beatles and some imagery of their own.
They created an empty layer over an image and used the digital mixer brushes to create the “oil painting” look. Then they duplicated THAT layer and then painted alterations over that one.
And so on and so on….
That seems to be the most likely explanation as to how they did it.
At least, that is how I would have done it. It would have taken a LONNNG time, but thats the way I think it could have been done.

3) could this have been done in Animate? It doesn’t look like something made with ANIMATE, but maybe there’s some advanced trick I don’t know about?

Any thoughts?

Is there some after effects plug-in or other technique you know to do that effect?



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