JFK Buff’s Sept 2022 Meetup

JFK Buff’s September 2022 Meetup


Some personal documentary footage of the September 2022 “JFK Truth be Told” in person meet up in Dallas Texas.

We are a group of voracious JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory Buffs who wanted to do in person visits to certain Dallas sites related to Oswald or Jack Ruby.

Our group is a little bit different than most because most of our members are former Conspiracy Theory believers who now lean to the side of thinking that the Warren Commission got it mostly correct… that Lee H Oswald acted alone and that Jack Ruby acted alone.

02- 0.34 seconds, the group at the J.D. Tippet murder site at Tenth and Patton.


0.35 seconds to 0.45 seconds. Top Ten records, where JD Tippett made his final phone call.


0.46 Texas Theater. Where local show store manager phoned the police that he thought the killer of JD Tippett had just ran into the Texas Theater.


1.04 semi controversial painting of Lee Harvey Oswald on a bars back wall.

1.07 Neeley Street. Where Lee and Marina lived for a short time. This is where Marina allegedly took the infamous photos of Lee holding his rifle up in the backyard.

The rest of the neighborhood is being gentrified/modernized, but the house is still the way it looked in 63. No one has lived in this apartment house for a while now. The backyard is wide open.

2:00 me holding my iphone ( set to timelapse) on a selfie stick. Walking from Oswald’s rooming house to Tenth and Patton to see if I could walk it in the 12 minutes the Warren Commission says Oswald did. I could do it.

2:08 The railway overpass ( car underpass) on the edge of Dealey Plaza. Where railroad employee SM Holland said he saw a puff of smoke on the grassy knoll.

The (fake) freight elevator in the former 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, now the world famous Sixth Floor Museum.

2.21 bust of JFK

2.25 General Walker researcher / author Steve Roe in front of a Walker exhibit on the 6th floor.


2.36 The window. You know…. THE window!

2:55 iphone video of the view from 2 windows away from the snipers nest window.

3:01 scale model of the Texas Schoolbook depository and Dealey plaza constructed for the Warren Commission.

3.25 vintage cameras similar to those used to film the assassination. ( Or are those THE cameras used?).

3:40 a similar rifle to the one used by Oswald to shoot Kennedy. ( The actual one is in the National Archives in D.C.)

3.43 the window shot, that I added a “snipers scope view” effect to in Adobe After Effects.

3:50 back to the railway bridge over the triple underpass.

Tour Guide/ JFK expert Jerry Dealey shows us key points of interest in Dealey Plaza.


Yes, he’s related. No, really! He is!

6:13 one of the world’s best known conspiracy theory authors, Robert Groden, selling his books and videos right next to the Grassy Knoll.



I may not agree with everything Groden says in his books, but I don’t like hearing about how many times he’s been arrested and/or ticketed for selling his wares in Dealey Plaza. I’m entitled to express my opinions, and so is he.

8:19 The sister of a recently deceased voracious JFK buff let us look over her brothers massive book collection.

9.38 the downtown Dallas City Jail.

This shows the ramp that Jack Ruby allegedly snuck down to get into the area where Lee Oswald was being transferred. Supposedly, seeing Oswalds cocky smirk sent Ruby into a rage and he blasted his .38 pistol into Oswalds stomach.

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