Little Mermaid color question?

Why is the Royal family in the new “Little Mermaid” Black?
I don’t know, but I know people who live under the sea wouldn’t be white or black would they?
They’d be a fishy green or blue wouldn’t they? In the first film the part of the sea they lived under seemed to be near Jamaica wasn’t it?
Or not….. the humans lived in a European castle not a colonial estate. Wasn’t the original children’s fable set in Denmark?
Ugg my head hurts.

In WW2 movies, every German except Hitler himself had an upper class British accent. In the movies, Hitler was the only German in all of Germany.
The language was always English, except for a few words like “Herr” and “Fuhrer.”

In the original King Kong, the residents of a Pacific Island, ( nowhere near Africa) were African.
I think the big gate set was left over from a big budget Bible movie. The Skull islanders culture seemed to be a mix of Hawaiian and African ( or ignorant white peoples preconceptions of those cultures).

This person thinks that “Skull Island” was somewhere in Indonesia…. below India?

Isn’t there a real island somewhere beneath India where the locals are still in the stone age and will attack outsiders on sight- fearing foreign infections?

In a 60’s Japanese King Kong movie, the residents of that Pacific Island were played by Japanese extras in light brown makeup. A little closer.

In Peter Jacksons King Kong remake, those Pacific Islanders were…. I don’t know. I assume the actors were New Zealanders in costume and makeup.

I am also assuming that Peter Jackson spent decades thinking about / researching the issue.


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