Better ways to frame Oswald

Better Ways To Frame Lee Harvey Oswald

  1. Why not plant shirts fibers which match Oswald’s shirt conclusively, rather than just ones that are only consistent?
  2. The Walker letter has been alleged a forgery. Why not date the letter, and add Walker’s name since they already went through all the trouble?
  3. Why not order the weapons in Oswald’s real name?
  4. Oswald’s .38 pistol had an oversized barrel diameter which prevented ballistic matching to fired bullets. Had he been framed with a regular. 38, the bullets from Tippit’s body could have matched the pistol conclusively.
  5. Oswald demonstrated proficiency with an M1 Garand rifle. The same weapon appeared in the Kleins ad directly above the carcano. You’d think the Garand would be the logical choice, but somehow plotters thought framing him with the “unreliable piece of junk” would be more convincing.
  6. Wouldn’t it be better to shoot Kennedy from the rear since that’s where the patsy was? That would alleviate the necessity to forge pictures, films, xrays and documents. It would also minimize the number of witnesses to be paid off, or killed.
  7. It seems the plotters should have known that 399 would not be accepted by the majority of people. Why didn’t they plant a bullet with more damage?
  8. Since everything else was faked, why not convict Oswald in a fake trial.
  9. Oswald’s interview was not audio recorded. Why not lie and say he confessed.
  10. Wouldn’t it be much better to frame a dead assassin without letting him talk on live TV first?
  11. Why not plant witnesses in Dealey Plaza to say they saw LHO in the sniper’s window? Seems an easy fix to me.
  12. Why not alter the Hughes film to show Oswald in the window. Was the backyard photo forge expert not available?
  13. Why rely on the bodily functions of the man that moved Connally’s stretcher for the success of the conspiracy. The magic bullet would have never been found had he not needed to go.
  14. Why not frame Oswald with a 36 inch rifle. It would have been cheaper.
  15. Why not have “CIA loyalist” Ruth Paine put the rifle in Oswald’s hands?
  16. Why didn’t they fake Buell Frazier’s testimony to show a longer package?
  17. Why not have 3rd generation government conspirators plant Tippit’s DNA on Oswald’s shoes.
  18. Since the Warren Commission was in the business of framing the patsy, why didn’t they use the witnesses at Garland Slack’s target range as as evidence Oswald practiced? Perhaps even use one of the expert photo forgers to superimpose Oswald shooting at targets. They did so well forging on all the assassination films so….
  19. A positive result on the paraffin cast of the cheek should be easy to fake right?
  20. Why not just destroy the Zapruder film instead of altering it and risk alterations being discovered later on down the road?
  21. Why go through the painstakingly and time consuming process of altering the wounds of the president and then the autopsy and xrays when you could just substitute the president’s body with any number of cadavers available at the morgue anyway. I mean, only a couple actually show the president’s face and the majority are just the back of someone’s head.

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