“Bill Broussard” and Jack Ruby


This was from a post I made to the facebook group “JFK the truth be told”


An observation about the movie “JFK”.

In one of the final scenes, the movie characters say that their case was sabotaged by “Bill Broussard, ” who gave their team a bunch of flaky, unbelievable witnesses.

Earlier in the movie we see “Bill Broussard” being approached by someone from some government agency, maybe the CIA or the FBI, to switch sides and/or be a “mole” for them.

So, in that movies universe, “Bill Broussard” is someone who can’t be trusted and none of the things he brought to Garrissons office should be believed.

In reality, there was no “Bill Broussard.”
Depending on your point of view, he is either a composite of two of Garrisons team (1) who quit because they felt there was no case against Shaw,
OR he’s a completely made up character.

The funny thing is, if Garrison and his team shouldn’t have trusted what “Broussard” told them…. remember earlier in the movie…
WHO was it who first told Garrisson that Clay Bertrand was Clay Shaw???
It was….. “Bill Broussard”!

And “Bill Broussard’s” reason for believing that Bertrand was Shaw???? A bartender said to him: “Everyone in the quarter knows Shaw is Bertrand”

If “Bertrand” was Shaws secret alias for his supposed top secret undercover work, why would he be stupid enough to use that same name in civilan life?
If “Bertrand” was Shaws secret alias for his supposed top secret undercover work, why would he be stupid enough to tell the arresting officer that he used that alias?

Would Bruce Wayne go into gay bars and tell people he was Batman?!?!?!?

I read somewhere that even Mark Lane wondered why Shaw would have told the arresting officer his secret code name?

If you believe that there was a second conspiracy to kill anyone who might “spill the beans” on the first conspiracy, why was Perry Russo left alive after he supposedly heard of the plot?
Why was Perry Russo left alive after it became widely known he was going to testify?
Why would the plotters talk about this top secret plot in front of an outsider in the first place?

I would say the same thing about Rose Cheramie, “The Babushka girl” and anyone else from Oswald or Ruby’s orbit who claimed to have before hand knowledge of the plot OR were (wrongly) accused of having fore-hand knowledge of this plot.

If you believe that people like Agent Hosty, George DeMohrenschildt and Ruth Paine had foreknowledge of the plot…. why do we know their names?
Wouldn’t their involvement be covered up in the interest of “National Security?”
Wouldn’t THEY end up on the supposed “mysterious deaths” list?

If Clay Shaw REALLY was a part of this top secret plot, why didn’t HE appear on the list of “mysterious deaths” after it was known he was arrested,
and especially after he was about to go to trial.
He might “flip” and spill the beans to save his own hide.

If the supposed conspirators could somehow murder David Ferry via an overdose of prescription medicine and then forge the autopsy paperwork to make it seem like a natural death…????

Why wouldn’t they have killed President Kennedy himself in this same, much simpler and much easier to cover up manner?

Slip poison or a bad combination/dose of medicine into his food that would give him a natural seeming death.

I’ve heard that JFK had medicine injected into him, why not fill that syringe with a little something extra?

That would be a conspiracy of perhaps two people instead of the dozens or even HUNDREDS suggested in most conspiracy books.

Two conspirators: one person to slip the “poison” into the syringe, and a second person to forge the autopsy.
And perhaps these all powerful conspirators could find just the right nasty thing to sneak into Kennedys body that an honest panel of autopsy Doctors wouldn’t find?

And a thought on Jack Ruby.

There is a newsreel film clip of him saying THERE WAS a “powerful conspiracy” out to get him, and he could talk more about it if he were taken to Washington.

If he was really a part of a CIA or FBI sponsored conspiracy, wouldn’t Ruby be slightly safer in a Dallas jail then in he were taken to DC?

If what he is saying is true, if this “powerful conspiracy” really existed, then it was only in Dallas. That would mean it was a Dallas only plot, then why would the FBI participate in a cover up?
Why wouldn’t the FBI and or the Warren Commision eagerly leap at the chance to expose this Dallas based conspiracy and be national heroes?

If there was an actual high level plot to kill JFK and then violently suppress any evidence or witnesses, and if Ruby was a part of this plot….
Why was that camera crew allowed to interview him in the first place?
And even then, why was that film allowed to get out?

If you believe that the conspirators sent out dozens if not hundreds of agents to collect and or steal any evidence that might reveal the plot, why wouldnt they confiscate that Ruby interview footage in the name of “National Security”?

And of course, the whole Garrison/Shaw debacle was started when Dean Andrews said “Clay Bertrand” asked him to represent Lee Harvey Oswald in Court.
Dean Andrews wasn’t licensed to practice Law in Texas nor did he have any experience in trial law.
NO ONE with half a brain would call HIM to represent Oswald.

(1) a FaceBook response from Fred Litwin, author of On the trail of delusion http://www.onthetrailofdelusion.com/
“Bill Broussard was really Bill Boxley, whom Garrison accused of working for the CIA.”


Dale K. Myers website:

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Researcher Dave Reitzes website:

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