Julie Anne Mercer saw JFK’s killers?


Even when I was still a conspiracy theorist, I never believed the Julie Anne Mercer story. It defies all logic. Stop a truck in the middle of a busy street, and have your killer get out and walk into position in front of dozens of witnesses?

Look at the first 10 seconds of this scene from the film “Executive Action.”

I’m not saying I believe this DID happen, I’m just saying this is a somewhat logical, much more believable way of getting the grassy knoll gunman into position


And in the movie JFK, Kevin Costner’s Garrison says he doesn’t want to bring in Julie Ann Mercer as a witness, because he doesn’t want her to wind up dead like all the other witnesses. IF there was a conspiracy, I think they would send an air conditioned limo with bulletproof windows to make sure Mercer got to court and told her ridiculous story. Discrediting all the other conspiracy theories

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