Jfk’s limo

A non-conspiratorial question about JFK’s convertible limousine. I am of the opinion that the car was only used for parades or public appearances. if Kennedy was back in Washington DC and for some reason he needed to get across town, he wouldn’t use that limousine, he would use a different kind of car? I assume that THAT car wasn’t so much a car, a transportation vehicle, as it was a parade float masquerading as a car. Kennedy wouldn’t drive around on a weekly basis in that limousine would he? Or am I completely off the mark? I have no idea

Matthew Kordelski…you are exactly right. The official SS 100X was generally used for motorcade/parades and matters of State. For general use….going to church on Sunday….a speech in DC, etc……SS shift cars were used and they had “nice” transport cars at their disposal to transport the President and the family. This appears to be Cadillac….but I really can’t tell.

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