Questions about the Kennedy Assassination

“lone gunman” oriented books suggest that the “gun smoke” some witnesses say they saw on the knoll was actually steam from a pipe. Any evidence of this? No such steam pipe is there today ( is it?) was it there in 1963? Any thoughts on what the railway men on the bridge saw and and why and why they said the gunman must have been behind the fence? Any evidence that Mark Lane got them to change their stories?

did sm holland change his story?

who was the secret serviceman on the knoll? Bugliosi says it was an offf duty army intelligence officer. Posner says it could have been one of the reporters

What EXACTLY did Tower Guy Lee Bowers say he saw? In the film ” Rush to Judgement” we see Bowers say “he saw a flash of light” at the time of the assassination. Did Mark Lane get him to change his story?

The warren commison says Oswald got his mail order rifle and pistol through his “Alek Hiddell” PO Box. Conspiracy theorists say that Oswald couldnt have used a PO Box with a fake ID. Could he have done this? Perhaps with his fake selctive service card?

Patrolman craig says he saw “mauser 7.6” stamped on the barrel of the rifle, is any such thing stamped on Mausers?

The “ding,” the supposed bullet hole in the wind shield of the limo?

Was every dallas cop briefed on secret service badges or were just certain higher ups
the newsreel footage that shows billy lovelady sitting at Dallas PD office as Oswald is walked by? Where can I see that?

Did Oswald SELL his rifle BEFORE the assassination? ANy evidence either way of this?

Beverly Oliver was next to Brehm? Did Brehm say anything either way as to whether it was on old woman or a young woman next to him?

The JFK limo. Was it used for anything other than parades? If Kennedy had to do some govt business back in DC would he take THAT car or a more secure one?

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