Happy Cha-rona-kah!


Put on your yamahka, here comes coronakkah
It’s so much funakkah to celebrate coronakkah
Coronakkah is the lockdown of the year
People sitting on their asses with their toilet paper and beer
Social distancing, six feet apart
People wearing masks but some don’t give a fuck
Bars have been shutdown, no music to be played
Curbside margaritas are a thing
Empty shelves at HEB, people going nuts
Covid 19 has kicked us in the butts
Dawn Elmore-akkah enjoy your eight days of Hanukkah
Matt got your gifts-akkah from Amazon-akkah
Listen to Sean Slater and enjoy a coronakkah (you know the beer)
Love your pups and if you really really want-akkah
Have a happy happy happy Hanukkah (cause 2020 says so)

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