Bugliosi, Oswalds Guilt


This is Vincent Bugliosi’s list of reasons he believes Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty of assassinating President John F. Kennedy.

This is from his book “Reclaiming History”.

(1) Oswald always visited Marina in Irving on a Friday. Nov 21 was the first Thursday visit ever.

(2) Oswald’s claim to be getting curtain rods in Irving was an implausible lie.

(3) Oswald told Frazier he would NOT be coming back to Irving on Friday night.

(4) That night Oswald avoided Kennedy talk with Marina, a subject it was their custom to discuss.

(5) Friday morning, Oswald left almost all his cash and his wedding ring in Irving.

(6) On Friday morning, Oswald placed a long paper-wrapped package in the back seat of Frazier’s car.

 (7) Frazier noticed that for the first time on a return trip from Irving, Oswald brought no lunch.

 (8) On arrival at the TSBD, Oswald walked faster and ahead of Frazier for the first time ever.

 (9) For the first time ever, Oswald didn’t read the paper in the TSBD domino room.

10) Oswald’s pretense with a co-worker that he didn’t know JFK’s route

(11) Howard Brennan saw Lee Harvey Oswald fire the third shot that killed the President.

 (12) Kennedy’s assassin was at the now-infamous sixth-floor window.

(13) During interrogation, Oswald put himself on the sixth floor at the time of the assassination.

(14) Oswald’s story of getting a Coke after hearing commotion of assassination is not sensible.

 (15) It makes no sense that Oswald the “political animal” had no interest in the President’s death.

(16) After the assassination, only Oswald missed a roll call at the TSBD.

(17) Oswald walked past his normal bus stop and walked seven blocks to board a different line.

 (18) Oswald left the Marsalis bus when it got caught in traffic.

 (19) Oswald’s not speaking to the cab driver about the assassination is striking.

 (20) Oswald had the cab drive past his residence, dropping him off down the road.

(21) Oswald’s behavior at his boarding house indicates a flight in progress.

(22) Oswald retrieved his revolver at the rooming house.

(23) In addition to getting a coat and his gun, Oswald changed trousers.

(24) Lee Harvey Oswald murdered J.D. Tippit.

(25) A store manager saw Oswald evading police sirens in front of his store.

(26) Oswald slipped into the Texas Theater without buying a ticket.

(27) When approached by police in the Texas Theater, Oswald said “Well, it is all over now.”

 (28) Oswald then fought the police and tried to pull his revolver out.

(29) After arrest, Oswald refused to even give his name to arresting officers.

30) Oswald made a clenched-fist salute to reporters.

(31) Oswald refused a lie detector test.

32) After visiting him on Saturday, Marina came away convinced of Oswald’s guilt.

 (33) Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was found on the sixth floor of the TSBD.

 (34) The mostly intact bullet (CE 399) and two of the fragments were fired from this rifle.

(35) The three expended shells on the sixth floor were “fired in and ejected from” Oswald’s rifle.

(36) A handmade paper bag large enough to carry Oswald’s rifle was found in the sniper’s nest.

(37) Oswald’s prints were found on boxes that comprised the sniper’s nest.

 (38) Oswald was the sole owner of the revolver found in his possession on arrest.

 (39) The bullets recovered from Tippit’s body were consistent with being fired from Oswald’s .38.

(40) The four cartridge shells found at the Tippit murder scene were fired from Oswald’s revolver.

(41) A paraffin test on Oswald’s hands showed he’d fired a revolver just before his arrest.

(42) Oswald left his blue jacket behind in the TSBD.

(43) Oswald’s tan jacket was found along the path Tippit’s killer took.

(44) Oswald’s work clipboard was found on the sixth floor of the TSBD.

(45) Oswald lied about owning a rifle, and about owning the Mannlicher-Carcano specifically.

(46) Oswald lied about being in the backyard photo where he was holding his rifle.

(47) Oswald lied about having seen the picture before.

(48) Oswald lied about living at the place where the picture with the rifle was taken.

(49) Oswald lied about telling Wesley Frazier the curtain rod story. 

 (50) Oswald lied about putting a long package into Frazier’s car that morning.

(51) Oswald told police the only thing he’d brought to work that morning was his lunch.

 (52) Oswald lied about having lunch on the first floor with two other employees.

(53) Oswald lied about where he’d bought his revolver.




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