McAdams figures

John McAdams, professor of Political Science at Marquette University,

posted at alt.assassination.jfk May 31, 2001, t

OK, folks, here it is, almost complete and ready to go onto my site:
It’s a tabulation of what the Dealey Plaza earwitnesses reporting hearing during the
shooting. I get the following:
Depository Witnesses: 55
Knoll Witnesses 35
Other location 9
Two different locations 5
Note that witnesses were classified as “two different locations” only when they
reported distinct impressions of shots from two different locations. Hearing shots but
being uncertain of what the location was (“TSBD or Knoll”) is relegated to “does not know”
as are impressions that are distinct but don’t allow distinguishing between possible
shooter locations (“from the right side”).
I’m now convinced that [Stewart] Galanor was right when he assured me that the HSCA
undercounted the “Knoll” category. On the other hand, I think Galanor badly overcounted
It’s clear, however, that a majority of the witnesses who offered any testimony as to
the source of the shots said they came from the Depository, and the ratio of Depository to
Knoll witnesses is 1.57/1.00.
Conspiracists really need to stop claiming that the earwitness testimony supports a
Grassy Knoll shooter. Not only did more witnesses hear shots from the Depository, but only
five witnesses heard shots from two locations. If we grant that at least “somebody” was
shooting from the Sniper’s Nest, that doesn’t really leave much room for a Grassy Knoll

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