X-Men Dark Phoenix Review

I  just watched “X-Men Dark Phoenix.” Mildly enjoyable but I am very confused. 


I thought this was supposed to be the stories of the X-Men that happened right before the first movie, the one where they meet Wolverine.?

I know “Days of Future Past” reset everything. But this theoretically takes place before the ending of “Days of Future Past”  DOFP had two story lines. the “First Class”  versions of the characters have  naturally progressed to 1973… (11 years after “First Class”)    and it also follows the older ( 50 years after 1973) version of The X Men ( Patrick Stewart as Xavier…. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, etc…) 

Does “Dark Phoenix” happen in a completely separate alternate timeline? (Spoilers)  Jean Grey becomes Dark Phoenix a decade before she does it AGAIN in X Men 3?  Or do we assume that’s not gonna happen now?  Is the Famke Jannsen jean grey the older version of the girl in this movie or another alternate timeline version of her?  At

Growing up, Avengers , The FF and Spiderman were my thing, I knew of the X Men but wasnt really into them. Yes it screws with history. I know ” Days of Future Passed” was a re set, an “un reset?” of Part 3… thats why Im so confused.

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