Bikini Models needed

I have a client that may want female bikini models for his about to be opened “sugar scrub hair removal parlor” Its a little like waxing but instead of hot wax its some kind of sugar scrub.

He wants to pay the models in $500 of store credit. The models pose for pictures and get $500 in sugar scrub sessions. I told him he should also offer a certain amount of actual money…. gas money at least. He countered that if he’s going to pay money on top of store credits, the models should agree to post pictures on instagram/twitter/facebook etc…
I told him most models would agree to that. Am I right about that?

Models, if you did this.. what would most San Antonio models want to be paid for this?
You would do it for $500 in store credit and…. (how much?) in actual money to pose? And would you agree to share photos of social media?

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