Zapruder Film Copyrighted?

I recently tried to upload a copy of the “Zapruder Film” to my youtube channel.

The “Zapruder Film” is the famous ( infamous?) 8mm home movie of the Kennedy assassination.

It was taken down.  They said it violated the copyright of “the sixties episode 5”

I googled that word and it was a TV show that had the Zapruder film in it….. that was posted on youtube…

I know that there are dozens and dozens of TV documentaries that have the  “Zapruder Film”  in their program, and youtube allows it.

It is gory bloody and violent, its a man being shot in the head.  But it is also history. And its on youtube dozens of times already.

My version was just the “Zapruder Film” . Nothing before and after it. It was about 7 seconds long.

Where did I get it?  There was a youtube video of a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald that had the cleanest sharpest version of the “Zapruder Film”  Ive ever seen.

So I downloaded that show, edited out just the “Zapruder Film”  and re uploaded.

I can hear you now “ you just admitted you took someone else’s video and cut out part of it and are now complaining that you can’t upload something you admitted you ‘stole’ ?”

I didn’t re-upload their show, I just re uploaded the 7 seconds of the Zapruder film.. that I doubt they could claim they own.

I have been a voracious JFK buff for decades. From what I have read the copyright on the Zapruder film was owned by the Time – Life Corp for many years, and that they donated the copyright to the sixth floor museum, who licenses it out for commercial projects.

Did I license it? No.  So what am I complaining about? That I can’t use something that was never mine to begin with?!?!?

Ok so I have no LEGAL ground to stand on….. I know….

BUT… why take my copy of it down when its already on youtube as part of dozens of other shows?


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