Precision Auto Masters

Precision Auto Masters. 725 San Pedro. San Antonio, Texas. 
(210) 525-0044

This is a newer Version (with slight tweaks).

Below is the older version:

725 San Pedro
San Antonio, Texas
Call (210) 525-0044
Shot with a Canon video camera, tripods and sliders.
Edited with Adobe Premiere. Graphics made with Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.
Hello guys this is Andrew with Precision Auto Masters at 725 San Pedro.
We’ve been in business for twenty years.
We will rebuild an install your engine and transmission.
We also do air conditioning service.
We will weld your muffler as well.
We would cut your car in half for a reasonable price.
Come down to Precision Auto Masters.
At Precision Auto Masters we believe honesty is the best policy.
We won’t sell you anything you don’t need.
We would rather put your money on what your vehicle does need and will need soon.
We also do financing up to three thousand dollars with great approval rates.
But if that doesn’t work for you come by and talk to me, I’m the owner I’ll do whatever I want for you as long as I make you happy.
Come by and see us at Precision Auto Masters, 725 San Pedro, San Antonio Texas.
(210) 525-0044
Thank you guys and have a great day.

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