Star Trek Heart of Glory

I just rewatched one of my favorite  Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes “Heart of Glory“, one best season 1 episodes…. where the 2 ( and a half??) Klingons are aboard the enterprise and attempt to recruit Worf to mutiny.
The early scene where Picard can see through Geordi’s VISOR was just as goofy as I remembered…. the idle chit chat about the video tap as the crew was in a dangerous situation was something the later Picard would never do.
They didn’t tap into Geordi’s VISOR again until the fist TNG movie did they?
Geordis ability to see cracks in metal could have been re used in many episodes dontcha think? ( And never mind his only mentioned once ability to “see lies”???)
The Klingon costumes were re used from STAR TREK 3 weren’t they?
Theres a close up of the Klingons belt buckle that, seen in HI Def, looked really cheap…
The visual direction of the finale was excellent, the shots of the various parts of engineering never seen before or since!
And the wide shot/wider shot/much wider shot of Worf doing the funeral howl was really impressive.

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