Questions about the second episode of THE WALKING DEAD this season..

“The Bridge”


Many of us thought that tent city seen in the trailer, was Oceanside… its not. ( Well thats what I thought)

Its a sub camp right next to the bridge? Is it THAT remote that they couldn’t just stay in their walled towns? We hear Rick tell the man in the dark ( Negan) ” Its been 30 days” 30 day s since when? Since the end of the war? Or 30 days since Rick and Negan chatted? Eugene staring at the rope would around the pole… reminded him of Negan? Where did Jadis’s weird accent go? And why have they forgiven her? I don’t get why she’d go for Father Gabriel of all people. In the final scene the fleeing Savior sees someone he recognizes… OR…. a Whisperer “wearing” the face of someone he recognizes?


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