Some KENOBI thoughts

Some random thoughts if I were writing the allegedly upcoming Ewan McGregor Kenobi film…….

the questions everyone has:
“Why did Kenobi say Annakin was already a great pilot?”

“Why did Kenobi say Annakin was murdered by Vader when Annakin WAS Vader?”

“Why does Luke keep the same last name as his father? Isn’t he supposed to be hiding?”

“Why did Kenobi keep his Jedi robes on if hes supposed to be in hiding?”

“Why does Kenobi live somewhat near Luke if he has no contact with him?”
( Luke has heard of “Old Ben” but apparently never met him. Or HAS he?)

OK my thoughts..

“Why did Kenobi say Annakin was already a great pilot?”

Well he WAS a great pod racing pilot and picked up space ship piloting very quickly.
Padmes pilot gives Annakin piloting lessons and we see him pilot a Naboo fighter with ease.
Besides I bet John Lennon “remembered Paul McCartney as being a great musician when he first met him”
even though he was not nearly as good as he would be later.

I wonder if in Lucas’s orignal ideas back in 1977, Annakin and Obi Wan were the same age. Maybe Annakin was a little bit younger.
“Vader was a pupil of mine….”
At least I always thought Lukes Father was a peer to Obi Wan when I first saw Star Wars.

“Why did Kenobi say Annakin was murdered by Vader when Annakin WAS Vader?”
Again, its likely Lucas simply changed his mind. If you read early drafts of Star Wars, Lucas original ideas were VASTLY different from what ended up in the film.

“Why does Luke keep the same last name as his infamous father? Isn’t he supposed to be hiding?

Again, Lucas needed someone around him to say “NO” and avoid mistakes on the prequels.
In The Phantom Menace, they should have made little Annakin have some kind of different last name.
If Annakin was famous for being the first human to win Tatooines “Indy 500”
and presumably the story that this famous winner got off of Tatooine and into the Jedi…. would he be a local legend?
The “Slumdog Millionaire” of Tatooine?

Heres a fix they could use in the KENOBI film:
Maybe Kenobi and Uncle Owen DID try to use a fake name ( OR very logically, OWEN’s real last name!?!?!?!?!?!?!)
and maybe…. some traveller figured out who Luke really was and so Luke could be allowed to attend Public school he needed to produce a birth certificate and use his real name?

Wow thats a stretch….
Annakin should have had a different last name and Uncle Owen would have had the last name SKYWALKER, thus giving Luke that not famous, attention drawing last name.

Of course, they DID establish that Uncle Owen lives in a remote place far away from the bigger city where Watto owned Annakin.

Ben Kenobi and Uncle Owen seemed to get along OK when he drops the baby off to him at the end of Episode 3.

Perhaps then Obi Wan would visit the Lars homestead in the hopes of giving Luke some Jedi training.
Maybe the pre teen Luke would start to exhibit Force powers. Perhaps Luke caused some accidents or tragedies with his un developed powers.
OR… his using the Force attracted the attention of Imperial Forces?

Just as in The X-MEN comics and movies, Xavier and Magneto invent a way to find other mutants..
Maybe the Jedi have a way to find other force sensitives…
Remember that Yoda said of Luke ” Long have I watched this one” even though surely Yoda had never physically been to Tattooine.

Maybe the Emperor sends Vader back to Tatooine to investigate this “disturbance in the force”.
Maybe Vader doesn’t find Luke,

Maybe Obi Wan cast some kind of spell to confuse Vader or to hide Luke.
This incident could be what leads the locals to discover Kenobi’s real Last name . Perhaps Kenobi WASN’T so stupid as to keep his name while in hiding.
He just called himself “BEN” and no one on Tattooine knew his real last name until much later.

Either way, perhaps this leads Uncle Owen to tell Obi Wan to get lost and not get his adopted child mixed up in this melodrama.
Owen knows that Annakin turned into Darth Vader and doesn’t want this for Luke.

Kenobi stays away to honor a promise to Owen but stays relatively near to reveal himself to Luke when the moment is right.

Remember, in the first STAR WARS, Luke recognizes Kenobis face the instant he sees him. Hes met him before, or at least seen him.

“Why did Kenobi keep his Jedi robes on if he is supposed to be in hiding?”

This is kind of like Clark Kent wearing his Superman suit to a Daily Planet costume party. Incredibly stupid.
Star Wars fans all know that the idea to have young Kenobi and Qui Gonn ( and all the other Jedi) wear brown robes similar to Alec Guiness’s was to quickly let the audience know eho they are.
I didnt catch this at the time, but in EMPIRE Yoda is wearing similar clothes to “Old Ben”.

Heres a way out of this plot hole:
Kenobi DID try and change his name and DID ditch the Jedi robes.
But when Leia is over head in a Space Ship, theres a space battle that Luke watches ( in deleted scenes) perhaps Kenobi gets a message from the force that something big is afoot.
Since hes spying on Luke, he was watching Luke as Luke watches the space battle?
Kenobi could have heard about Leias battle by listening to a Star Wars type CB radio or Police Scanner in his hut?
Leia had undeveloped force powers and Kenobi gets a message from her without her even realizing it? ( The same way Luke sent a force message to Leia to come save him from that weather vane?
THEN he decides to pull his uniform robes out of the bottom of his trunk and go back into “active duty”?

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