Thoughts on SOLO

I just saw SOLO and I have some questions. (SPOILERS)

I liked it better than “The Last Jedi.” I don’t get the hate for SOLO. AND this film figured out how use many female lead characters, many Black lead characters and use the themes of freeing slaves and not have it be a heavy morality lesson.

Alden Ehrenrieich was very good as Han Solo. Even though many youtubers thought this guy was a better pick:

How SOLO got his name,  seemed like a nod to GodFather 2

Didn’t the old ( discarded) Legends universe say Han was raised on Khashyyk by wookies?

Oh the way, this movie implies that loveable Chewbacca has been EATING all the humans  thrown in with him.

Did anyone else think that  the Imperial Mud Battle seemed like a cross between the future battles in THE TERMINATOR and the trench scenes from PATHS OF GLORY ?

Why weren’t those troops in white stormtrooper suits instead of grey Death Star soldier outfits?

Then again, the mud battle troopers are wearing almost the same unforms as the Walker Troopers in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

I thought for sure that was Cate Blanchett as the voice of Landos robot. It wasn’t.

It was…

And who spotted Clint Howard ( Rons brother) as the robot battle ringmaster?

If that “train car” full of fuel cells fell and exploded, why not get one of the other train cars that fell off the bridge?  ( P.S. didn’t that scene remind you of Captain America).
The slave revolt on that fuel planet. Wasn’t something almost identical done in the Star Wars ripoff Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985) ?

Woodys monkey pal reminded me too much of the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

I thought Chewbacca saw other Wookies on the slave planet. But their faces didn’t really look like Wookies, they looked like the  cave men from Quest for Fire.

I always assumed the oft mentioned “kessel run” was some kind of a race, not a trade route.
Were we to assume that that was Beckett ( Woody Harrelson’s) daughter with the late Val under the mask?

The double cross, triple cross, quadruple cross at the end? So Han and Chewie had REAL fuel cannisters that they give to Vos. Even though Vos thinks theyre fake?

What part did Anthony Daniels play?

Was that Darth Maul on the holoscreen with Qi’ra ( Solo’s lost love?) Wasn’t he cut in half in The Phantom Menace?

On one of the Star Wars cartoons ( I didnt follow those shows) the said Maul survived being murdered in “The Phantom Menace” (cut in half AND thrown into a bottom less pit) on   He had crab legs in that? Wouldnt it have made mores sense for Quira to have been calling Vader or Tarken or Krennik ( from Rogue One)?

Han Solo DEFINITELY shot first this time!

How could Han and Chewie know that Landos sleeve cheating device wouldn’t be working?

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