Beautiful music video

I am making a music video that will be mainly shot outside

one scene has the musician singing the song, and another has an actor

the musician hiring me says he wants the scene to look like THIS video:

I know thats a tall order.

Do you have a photo studio that has THAT kind of lighting. I can do the photoshop / after effects work to make it black and white, but I need place with that kind of advanced lighting and gothic scenery

This is not a FREE gig, we’ll pay. But it IS a low budget video, we could probably pay a hundred or so…

BUT we don’t need much. I can do the shooting and editing, we just need a place with fancy lighting.

if you think you have the right studio, email me at lovestorytexas at

Please use THAT email, if you click reply I wont get the email soon enough.

Send me some still photos of similar “deep shadows” work you have done

remember , dont click reply, send a direct email to

lovestorytexas at

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