Party Bus commercial

We are making a low budget commercial for a new party bus company.

We are on a tight budget but we are not asking anyone to work for free.

$50 for about 2 or 3 hours of “work”

We are looking for a pack of cute young girls to act like they are having a typical west 6th street “girls night out”
And its the easiest work possible, just look cute and party on our vegas style party bus , and let us video it for a commercial.

This isn’t our commercial but what we make will be a little bit like:

If you are aspiring model or actress, and want some credit.. this is a great starter gig. ( Yes we will give you still shots for your modelling portfolio)

We are especially interested if you are having a wedding party or bachelorette party downtown! We will pay extra if the group of people are wearing wedding attire.

email us at lovestorytexas at

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