“BEAUTIFUL” by Malibu Cannibals

I edited this is Adobe Premiere and some After Effects.  I did not shoot or direct this. I was a hired cutter for the bands lead singer and this videos director, Jorge Najera.








Luisa Leal – Executive Producer
Jorge Najera-Producer / Creative Director
Erik Armenta-Director ( Strawberry Shake Productions )
Jenna McKentler – Director of Photography
Nain Leon – Photographer
Editor – Aj Gunner’s (Scott B.)
Teaser Editor – Laura Varela
Alvaro Garcia – Production Assistant
Leanna Jones – Hair & Make up

Jorge Najera – Vocals & Guitar
Alejandro Gulmar – Lead Guitarrist
Hector Leal – Drums
Fabio Pereira – Keyboard
Roberto Quiroz – Bass

Crew Video 1- Monterrey
Marcelo Gonzalez – Camera 1
Nino Alain – Camera 2
Ivonne Balli – Lucia ( Girl )
Nacho Landa – Dante ( Boyfriend )
Gerardo López – Damian ( Stalker )

Thanks to:
all our family, Strawberry shake Productions,
Alamo City Studios , Event Ignition,
Vision Lounge , Lax Producciones .

ReLu Events Group / ReLu Productions 2016 copyright.
San Antonio,Texas.


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