Another spammer,

Everyone needs to beware of:

he just emailed me about my craigslist ad looking for a laptop

” Hello..How you doing, Is your Post AD still available, what is the final price? Do reply me back to further our conversation?


His email shows up on a spam watch site:

Nearly the same exact exchange as the post above. Selling a couch where I explain in detail on my listing why I’m selling and its condition.



“Thomas” contacts me barely a few hours later after I post to ask if i still have the “post ad” and asks about the condition. (Posted around midnight pacific time)

george 13 Jun 2016
Same as all of you. almost word for word. Engineer for Eagle Crest. Pay thru Paypal ASAP, for Step Dad, and pick up agent and everything. I got his email  may you be damned / because it is I you try to scammed

and spammed / into prison may you be slammed


keywords   craigslist, email, scam, spam, 

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