Of Moose and Men: The Rocky & Bullwinkle Story

Behind the scenes of the greatest animated cartoon series ever created. Though reflecting the innocence of the country during the early sixties, Rocky & Bullwinkle nevertheless had an edge, with numerous lines that weren’t meant for children. The references in many of the shows only would be understood by adults since they encompassed political & social satire/commentary and were drawn from literature, history, popular culture, etc. That makes them fresh even today. For those adults who remember the series from their childhood, there’s more than just nostalgia to hold our attention. The Bullwinkle Show did not treat kids as mentally inferior or talk down to them; it expected them to understand- if not at that time, then eventually.


3 thoughts on “Of Moose and Men: The Rocky & Bullwinkle Story

  1. Ray Pointer

    I was seven when the first incarnation, ROCKY AND HIS FRIENDS hit ABC on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4:30. Even at that age, I understood the Cold War references and satire going on.

      1. Ray Pointer

        Well, shows like THE SIMPSONS, FAMILY GUY, and AMERICAN DAD think they are doing political satire. The trouble is they are too saturated with self-indulgent Pop-Culture references and narcissism. It’s the subtlety in the writing of Rocky and Bullwinkle that has made it endure.

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