Its a very good movie but NOT the mind-blowing masterpiece everyone else thinks it is.

Yeah its a lot smarter than juvenile c–p like ” fast and furious part __________” but those flicks, as dumb as they are- move move and move! This falls short of other gangster classics like Goodfellas or….. can I say it , “the French Connection”

And I didn’t really feel emotionally engaged with either character until the last quarter of the film

The two lead actors look too much alike, confusing me a lot. yeah you want two leads that compliment each other, maybe even be  two sides of the same coin, but you shouldn’t have to stare and try and guess which is which.

It doesn’t look like two different people. It looks like the same guy turning his dead, doesn’t it?

So much has been said about how well it captures the feel of its time period, the 70s. True, but thats not always a good thing.  Overexposed washed out cinematography, too loosely edited ( needs to be shorter).   It seems like every scene was shot with natural sunlight from the windows.  No Im not saying I want a MTV/ Flashdance barrage of colored lights in every scene but the drab look gets worn out.  Theres even a discotecque scene thats kinda blahhhh.

Think about such “new school” gangster movies that movie at a break neck pace. Simply shot and maybe even SLOPPILY shot such as Layer Cake, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Michael mans HEAT, Donnie Brasco,  and one of my personal all-time favorite movies….. Miller’s Crossing!  (Actually Millers Crossing doesn’t belong in that list of sloppily shot movies, it has some of the most cleverly composed shots and editing I’ve ever seen, rivaling anything by Hitchcock, Spielberg, Tarantino etc…)

In one early scene the main gangster has his rival shot. How could any human being possibly survive THAT MANY point blank bullet shots pumped into him from 2 or 3 feet away?

ONE should have offed him.


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