photo dean caine shazam02_zpseijgzkwd.jpg

I never really liked Dean Caine as Clark Kent / Superman in the 1990’s TV Show “Lois and Clark.”  He was too much of a pretty boy. Sure he had the huge muscles that Superman would have, but he was terrible as Clark Kent.  I could sorta believe Christopher Reeve as both Supes AND Clark but Caine couldn’t pull off both.

We had the reverse problem with Michael Keaton in 1989s BATMAN film, he was OK as Bruce Wayne (but JUST OK) )but terrible as Batman.

Any hoo- there never was a Big screen Shazam / Captain Marvel feature movie.  There was an all but forgotten Black and White Serial :

And a Saturday morning TV show that only lasted one season:

Captain Marvel / Shazam (in the DC comic books) always had such a unique face, and almost Asian squint in his eyes. Superman always had a square blocky face that was similar to almost every other comic book males face.

As much as I disliked Dean Caine as Superman, I think his odd Squinty eyed face would fit better as Captain Marvel.

Some more useless trivia, Elvis Presley based most of his stage look on Captain Marvel Junior. The wavy hair, the capes and lighting bolt imagery all come from that comic book character.

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